We’re campaigning to stop a gas pipeline from being built in the Northern Territory. The Federal and State governments have approved the construction of a pipeline, even though it will only make lots of money if it is used for fracked gas. This is an outrage given that there is a moratorium on fracking in the NT and an inquiry is underway.

We’re campaigning with awesome mob in the NT, including ALEC (Arid Lands Environment Council), Lock the Gate – and with Friends of the Earth of course. Having smashed the fracking industry in Victoria, we are taking on the rest of Australia, starting with the NT.

What’s the NTPL?

The Northern Territory Pipeline is a proposed 622km long pipeline to be built by Jemena with the aim of opening a huge new market for fracking in the Territory. Fracking is a dangerous and incredibly water-intensive practice that risks the health of the land and of those living near fracking sites. We didn’t want it in Victoria, and no one wants it in the NT either!

Over 85% of the Northern Territory is currently under application for petroleum and gas exploration. The Northern Gas Pipeline is part of this exploitation of country – it is an unprecedented threat to the land and people of the Northern Territory.

This threat must be met with resistance!

Handily enough, Jemena’s office is in Melbourne CBD, so we’ve been visiting them. Click here to find out more.

People power can stop the Gas expansion in Australia.

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